Lazy Money Making Trick for Beginners: Make Money Online 2024

Embark on a journey towards financial independence by harnessing the power of the internet, no strings attached! Taking the driver’s seat in this venture is surprisingly simple, especially with the guide on a ‘Lazy Money Making Trick for Beginners: Make Money Online 2024’ under your belt, consciously tailored for beginners.

The guide delineates an unfussy technique that demands nothing more than sharing a link. Broken down into digestible steps, the method employs Affiliolab’s strategy of driving traffic to intriguing articles via a link shortener, sans the hassle of handling an inventory, maintaining a website, or having a horde of social media followers. Generating income has never been this straightforward, so why not start now?

Lazy Money Making Trick for Beginners: Make Money Online 2024

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Understanding the basics

Concept of lazy money making trick for beginners

Welcome aboard! Here’s something intriguing for you- a lazy money-making trick for beginners. Wait, don’t let this term mislead you. The word ‘lazy’ here doesn’t imply doing nothing and start earning online. Instead, it denotes a simple, less effort consuming, yet productive method for beginners keen to earn online in 2024. This straightforward technique doesn’t require selling anything, nor do you need a website or any social media followers. All you need to do is share a link online, and voila, you bag earnings! It’s one of the handiest ways for early birds stepping into online earning.

Necessity of selling, website, or social media followers

With the lazy money-making trick, you wipe out the need for selling any goods or services, creating a website, or gaining social media followers- chores that typically seem daunting to beginners. Still, you might be wondering how it works without a website or followers on social platforms? That concern is totally valid. But to your surprise, all you need to do is share a link to make money online in 2024. A common query here might be, where can these links be shared? Well, there are several trusted platforms available that you can exploit for this purpose, and this method will do the earning magic for you!

Use of sharing a link to earn money online in 2024

The relationship between sharing links and making money online might sound confusing to some. The concept is surprisingly simple. You share a link that leads to an interesting article. When a user clicks on your shared link, they are shown a few ads before they are taken to the actual article. These ads contribute to your earnings every time the link is clicked. This is how you make money online, using the lazy trick, a reliable way to create a stream of income for beginners.

Introduction to Affiliolab

The process proposed by Affiliolab

Our big shout out to Affiliolab for introducing this effortless yet productive method to us. Affiliolab proposes a user-friendly process perfect for beginners. It involves generating traffic to a website that hosts intriguing articles using the magic tool – a link shortener. By sharing a link that’s shortened using the handy tool Affiliolab suggests (more on this soon), your end-users can access captivating articles for reading.

Description of link shortener to drive traffic

As discussed earlier, a link shortener is an essential tool in this method for simplifying and driving traffic. And what’s even more amazing is every click on your shortened link brings you earnings. Isn’t that exciting? As people click on your shared link, their landing on the website is preceded by several ads—the interaction and exposure to these ads make you online money.

How money is made using Affiliolab’s method

So, summing it up, Affiliolab’s method helps you make money online through simplified steps. Starting from finding engaging article, shortening its link, publishing this link, and garnering clicks to finally getting paid post interaction with the ads displayed. Basically, you can earn simply by allowing your audience to go through some ads before moving towards reading the exciting articles you shared.

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Generating Traffic

Overview of two free traffic sources provided by Affiliolab

For facilitating you in the endeavor of making money online, Affiliolab doesn’t leave you alone. It offers support by providing two free traffic sources that can immensely increase the clicks on your shared articles. These sources help you drive free traffic to the articles via your shared link, inevitably leading you to make money in a pretty hassle-free way.

Repetition of the process for continual income

The secret to maximum earnings using this method is consistency. It’s a rinse-and-repeat process, where you wrap up with one article, start with another, and carry on the cycle. The more articles you share on these free traffic sources, the more opportunities you create to make online income in this laid-back yet effective way.

Recommended Tools

Introduction to design and video tools suggested by Affiliolab

To aid you further in this rewarding journey, Affiliolab recommends a host of easy-to-use design tools, video tools, and link shorteners. These tools are all designed to optimize your shared content, making it more clickable and viral, ultimately leading you to cash in on those clicks.

Description of recommended link shorteners

Link shorteners are quite the game-changers in this method. They not only shorten your links, making them more manageable and shareable but also make it possible for you to earn with every click on these links. They are easy to use, requiring you only to paste the article’s link in them and generate a concise version of it. Affiliolab suggests using reputable and reliable link shorteners for this method in order to guarantee the best results.

Lazy Money Making Trick for Beginners: Make Money Online 2024

Understanding the Earning Potential

Clarification of this method as an easy income resource not a get-rich-quick scheme

Let’s clear the air here! This method is indeed an easy income resource, but that doesn’t mean it’s a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s designed to provide a steady and consistent stream of income, focusing on the long-term rather than overnight riches. It’s an innovative trick to start earning money online without fancy requirements, exploiting the convenience of sharing links and making easy money online.

Discussion on the payment scheme of ‘shrink me’

One of the most commonly used link shorteners in this context is “shrink me.” has a particular payment scheme wherein it pays every time a person clicks on a shared link. This payment per click makes it one of the most popular platforms for cultivating online income. This user-friendly service has made many beginners’ journey to online earning easier and more lucrative.


Detailed function of in URL shortening

So, how does work? As a link shortening platform, helps turn your long and bit complex article links into short, manageable ones by following an easy process. You simply need to paste the URL of the article into, which then generates a shortened link.

Money making process of

The key to making money online with the help of lies in the sharing of the generated shortened links. Once you get a handle on how to efficiently use for shortening URLs, the cost-effective journey to generating online income becomes an exciting ride. Every single click on the shortened link by users leads you to earn money.

Lazy Money Making Trick for Beginners: Make Money Online 2024

Selecting Article Content

Choosing enticing articles from platforms like

Now, let’s talk content. Wondering where can you get engrossing and attractive articles for this lazy money-making trick? Platforms such as serve the purpose here. It’s a blog-style website that hosts a ton of tempting articles with appealing titles, perfect for the word ‘clickbait’. There are a multitude of articles tackling a variety of themes, and you can pick those that you think will attract the most clicks.

Importance of ‘clickbait’ nature in articles to attract more clicks

For this technique to yield fruit, your major focus should lie on the nature of the articles. The articles that qualify for being called ‘clickbait’ usually successfully lure readers into clicking on them. This compels people to click on your shared links, enabling you to make the most out of the shrink-me payment scheme.

Preparing the Article and Image

Process to download image and save article URL

Once you have picked an attention-grabbing article, you need to download an image from that article and save the article’s URL. These elements will prove useful when creating the final graphic for sharing.

Creation of shortened link with

To create a shortened link of the article, you simply need to paste the copied URL into After a few seconds, voila, you’ll have your shortened link ready for sharing.

Creating and Sharing the Graphic

Creating attention-grabbing graphic with Canva

Now comes the fun part – creating an eye-catching graphic using the downloaded image and article headline! Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool, comes in handy for this. It helps you create a simple yet alluring graphic to capture audience attention and encourage more and more clicks.

Sharing the graphic and link on different platforms for maximum exposure

After creating an enticing graphic, the next step is sharing this graphic along with the shortened link across various platforms. This includes websites like or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or By exposing your link to a wider audience, you increase your earning potential.


Recap of the lazy money-making trick for beginners

So finally, to wrap things up, this lazy money-making trick is all about sharing enticing articles using shortened links. The more attractive your article is, the more clicks it receives; thus, your chances of earning increase with every click. Thanks to Affiliolab for introducing this straightforward and stress-free method suitable for all beginners.

Emphasizing the need to take advantage of the methods and tools discussed

It’s crucial to understand that using the correct methods and tools, as discussed above, can significantly increase your earning potential. So, make sure you take full advantage of platforms like, Listverse, and Canva to ensure your success in this online earning venture.

Encouragement to stay consistent for a winning outcome

Remember- consistency is the key to success! The more you utilize this lazy method, the better you’ll get at it, and the more earnings you can acquire. Don’t let minor roadblocks discourage you, keep progressing, and encouraging results will follow. Cheers to your forthcoming online earning journey in the world of digital entrepreneurship using this lazy money-making trick!

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